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Yes! I Converted to Islam and Here is Why
This publication is a compilation from the numerous narratives about the lives, experiences and previous beliefs as well as Islamic impressions and reasons of different personalities belonging to all walks of life as to why they reverted to Islam. By: Muhammad Haneef Shahid Pages: 64 Binding: Paperback Size: 5.5x8" (14x20 cm) ISBN: 9960-892-63-8 (9960892638) ISBN13: 978996089263..
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A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam - ENGLISH
This introductory book on Islam serves as a good da'wah tool, explaining some of the fundamentals of Islam, as well signifying verses of the Qur'an and how they relate to science and the world around us. This Islamic guide is for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the Holy Quran (Koran). It is rich in information, references, bibliography, and illustratio..
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Bible Quran and Science
Written by a French surgeon, this work, one of the most important ever on Islamic and Christian studies, analyzes the scriptures in the light of modern scientific knowledge, looking for contradictions between established scientific facts and scriptural implication. The author analyzes creationism vs. evolution, astronomy, the conception in the womb, separation of water in subterranean Oceanic r..
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Brief Look Upon Islam
This Message is for any freethinking and broad minded human being. It is for any seeker of the truth who might once wondered what the religion of Islam is all about, who God (Allah) is, what the ultimate goal of man's existence is. These questions and many others come up on different occasions but are brushed aside for various reasons. This booklet does not claim to answer all the questions you..
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Gospel of Barnabas
Translator: Lonsdale & Laura Ragg Pages: 273 Binding: Paperback Size: 5.5x8.5" (14x21 cm) Shipping Weight: 0.75 lbs ..
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Qur'an & Modern Science - Compatible or Incompatible?
Introduction Ever since the dawn of human life on this planet, Man has always sought to understand Nature, his own place in the scheme of Creation and the purpose of Life itself. In this quest for Truth, spanning many centuries and diverse civilizations, organized religion has shaped human life and determined to a large extent, the course of history. While some religions have been based on ..
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Why Women are Accepting Islam
This book is a compilation of the numerous narratives about the lives, experiences and previous beliefs as well as Islamic impressions and reasons of different lucky women, belonging to all walks of life, as to why they reverted to Islam. Darussalam has already published one book from the same compiler on the same focus that was very much appreciated by the readers. We hope this study will help..
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